PAGEQ is a Dispatch Relay Service that not only allows for timely and efficient relay of text and audio pages from Dispatch Centers directly to emergency service providers, but it ALSO provides THE ABILITY FOR EMERGENCY RESPONDERS TO REPLY WITH THEIR AVAILABILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN AN INCIDENT. It’s this unique response verification capability that makes PAGEQ superior to any other dispatch message service.

Better Coverage - More Options

Relay by text, by email or by telephone

PAGEQ increases the number of people who receive emergency alerts in TWO ways. ALL members get ALL pages EVERY TIME! Set-up is minimal and it can be used with or without CAD messaging from a Dispatch Center.

With the Electronic Message Relay option, the system can forward text messages from any CAD system to any department as text, email or audio.

With the Tone Capture and Forward option, the system can capture the audio from Dispatch for any department, convert the audio to MP3 format and forward it to all responders. By providing the ability to receive a recording of the original page on a smartphone, PAGEQ ensures all responders have the ability to hear and replay the page, regardless of their location.

Message / Tone, Capture, Forward, Replay

Complements existing paging technologies

PAGEQ provides emergency responders with multiple ways of receiving an emergency page. First, it listens for the unique emergency tone of the fire department. Next, emergency pages are captured and recorded. Emergency messages captured by PAGEQ are sent to responders via text, email and as audio messages by phone. Messages are time/date stamped and can be replayed multiple times in those same formats. By increasing the ways that emergency pages are received, PAGEQ can increase the number of people who receive them and are able to respond.

Enhanced Services

Information firefighters need

PAGEQ provides emergency responders with critical information in real time. It ensures that a maximum number of responders receive the message. PAGEQ is compatible with FIREQ response verification technologies that provide responders with a way to signal their intent to respond to an incident.

PAGEQ also keeps detailed message logs that provide critical information about when the message was captured and how many times it was re-broadcasted. The ready availability of this information can simplify incident reporting.

How PageQ Works

Electronic Message Relay Option

If your dispatch center has the ability to send emails to your department, PAGEQ can capture those messages and forward them to your phone to be viewed as text messages. Additionally, a phone call can be placed to your members with an audio version of that same text. From both of these options, you have the ability to respond YES or NO using simple commands.

  1. Dispatch person

    Dispatch receives emergency call

  2. Dispatch sends message to PageQ

  3. PageQ receives message

  4. PageQ sends a text message of the dispatch message. The recipient can then respond Yes or No.

    PageQ can also send a phone call that plays audio message. The recipient can then respond Yes or No.

Tone Capture and Relay

If your department is NOT able to receive text messages, PAGEQ is able to capture live audio as it is broadcast from your Dispatch Center as part of the standard paging process. This audio is converted to MP3 audio and forwarded to recipients as an MP3 audio link in a text message. Additionally, that audio file can be played automatically when the PAGEQ system directly calls a responder on their designated cell phone or landline.

  1. Dispatch person

    Dispatch receives emergency call

  2. Dispatch sends message to PageQ

  3. PageQ receives message

  4. PageQ sends a link to the mp3 audio message

    PageQ can also send a phone call that plays audio message


  • Q: What is PAGEQ? A: PAGEQ is a dispatch relaying tool. It can replay and relay pager messages, as well as customized messages, via any combination of text, email or telephone. Messages can be relayed as often as necessary and at the discretion of appointed duty officers.
  • Q: What do I need to run PAGEQ? A: Fire departments being dispatched via CAD system need no additional equipment. Fire departments not being dispatched via a CAD system require a pager and a computer running Windows 7 or better, with Internet capability.
  • Q: How can I use PAGEQ with my dispatch if they are using a CAD system? A: PAGEQ can be configured to intercept a secure transmission directly from the CAD system so that it can be relayed and replayed via any combination of text, email and telephone.
  • Q: How can I use PAGEQ with my dispatch if they are not using a CAD system? A: PAGEQ can be configured to allow departments to “listen” to their active pagers. When a page is detected, PAGEQ records, relays the initial message to all members by text, email, and or telephone.
  • Q: Can PAGEQ help me track which firefighters are on duty and which firefighters may be off duty? A: Yes. Firefighters can text their status as “ON” or “OFF” to the PAGEQ system. Firefighters who have marked themselves as “off duty” will not receive emergency alerts via PAGEQ. Duty officers can view this information from any mobile phone or internet-enabled device.
  • Q: Can I use PAGEQ from anywhere? A: Yes. Once set up and populated, PAGEQ can be accessed and used from any cellular phone or internet-enabled device.
  • Q: Can PAGEQ tell me how many firefighters have acknowledged the page? A: PAGEQ provides firefighter with two-way communication when receiving and responding to a page. Firefighters can signal their intent to respond by simply texting the word “yes” or the word “no”. Duty officers have access to the numbers of responders from any mobile phone or internet-enabled device, giving them critical information for situational planning.
  • Q: How can PAGEQ assist with increasing the number of people who respond to an emergency page? A: PAGEQ provides the means to relay emergency pages via any combination of text, email, and telephone. By increasing the number of ways firefighters can receive an emergency page, you have the ability to transmit an emergency alert beyond the traditional pager range, increasing the likelihood of successful delivery. When more people receive the page, more people respond to the page.
  • Q: What else can I do with the PAGEQ system? A:
    • PAGEQ can also be used to send non-emergency communications from duty officer – enabled phone. These responses can be sent out with a request for response. Work parties and training announcements, for example, can be sent with a response request to ensure adequate attendance.
    • Information gathered through the PAGEQ system can also be used to supplement incident reports by providing time/date stamps of all communication.
    • Duty officers can send also send a stand down message quickly if the incident is concluded.
  • Q: Does PAGEQ meet Canadian privacy legislation? A: Yes. PAGEQ meets or exceeds Canadian federal and provincial privacy standards. This compliance includes, but is not limited to, British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and to Nova Scotia’s Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act (PIIDPA). PIPA sets out the ground rules for how British Columbia businesses and not-for-profit organizations may collect, use and disclose personal information. PIIDPA requires that information collected and stored by a public body be stored only in Canada and accessed only in Canada unless individuals have consented to storage outside of Canada.
  • Q: Can PAGEQ be used with FIREQ? A: Yes. When used together, FIREQ and PAGEQ provide firefighters with unprecedented information before, during and after an incident. For the first time, firefighters have access to a single system that provides redundancy to traditional pagers, verification of response, expanded communications, and comprehensive reporting.

Purchase PageQ-DRS

PAGEQ-DRS Dispatch Relay Services are available for $59.95 per month. Additionally, PAGEQ-DRS can be combined with FIREQ-RVS for comprehensive communications and command capabilities. Those combined services are available for $79.95. That includes ALL of the powerful response verification and messaging features of FIREQ combined with the robust Dispatch Relay and Tone Capture features of PAGEQ. Please contact us directly at 1-888-600-7122 or email us at if you have any special requirements or questions.


Cost $59.95/month for an annual total of $719.40
Set-up fee $50

PageQ-DRS + FireQ-RVS

Cost $79.95/month for an annual total of $959.40
Set-up fee $50

To purchase PAGEQ, you can click here to complete the required information online. You can also download and print the form by clicking here. The completed form can be emailed to

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-600-7122.