The CAREQ Emergency Notification System

The CAREQ Emergency Notification System provides care facilities with the ability to execute an emergency response plan with unprecedented speed and efficiency. CAREQ provides care facilities with the ability to contact large and small groups in minutes. It can be used to contact the entire staff at one time or staff organized into groups; it can be used to contact family and next-of-kin; and it can be used to connect community partners. It is an emergency communication and management system comprised of voice, text and email technologies providing control of communication and verification of response, it ensures time is spent where it matters most.

CareQ at a glance

  • Emergency alerts and updates can be sent to all staff or specific groups. From a single screen, emergency managers can text, email or audio messages to large and small groups of staff, emergency partners and family members.

    Messages can be selected from a pre-determined list or they can be typed in real-time.

CareQ features


Emergency planning and management is critical in care facilities. CAREQ allows administrators to trigger and manage their emergency response plan more quickly and more effectively than traditional “fan-out” methods. With CAREQ, administrators can contact groups of people simultaneously using text, recorded message or email. With multiple layers of communication, administrators can reduce the time required to get all necessary personnel informed and involved as quickly as possible.


Whether contacted by text, by email or by recorded message, staff and other emergency contacts can indicate their ability to respond to the emergency with simple key commands. Administrators can easily track and see at a glance the number of staff they have responding to an incident. Having this information immediately provides emergency managers with the ability plan more efficiently and more quickly for the situation at hand.


Administrators can customize CAREQ so that specific groups of people can be contacted at specific times, thus granting greater control over an emergency and the resources needed to manage it. Additionally, after the initial round of communications to necessary personnel, CAREQ gives the capability to continue to send follow-up, real-time communications to individuals and selected groups throughout the course of any emergency.

Before the emergency


CAREQ allows administrators to store multiple methods of contact for staff members, emergency service providers and family members. Individual contacts can choose how to receive emergency alerts, via text, email or recorded message.


CAREQ allows administrators to create pre-written and customized messages. Messages can be sent via text, via email or via audio message to any phone. The message delivery method can be customized for each recipient.


Contacts can be grouped to allow deployment of specific groups of people at specific or staggered times.


CAREQ also provides storage for and access to emergency information files. Pre-incident plans, building blueprints, staff lists, muster points, patient lists and other critical information can be stored within the CAREQ system.

During an emergency


CAREQ Administrators can trigger and manage an emergency plan from anywhere, anytime, on any device with an Internet or cellular connection - alerting staff, contacting family members and coordinating service providers, even in a power outage.


CAREQ allows administrators to contact small to large groups of people simultaneously, using text, email or recorded messages delivered to any phone, including landlines.


With CAREQ, administrators can contact staff and other service providers during an emergency. Recipients confirm their availability and CAREQ keeps track of who can respond and who cannot.


CAREQ can be customized for added control in an emergency. Staff and emergency contacts can be grouped to allow specific or staggered deployments.


CAREQ provides invaluable electronic redundancy to existing emergency plans.


CAREQ also provides multiple levels of secure system access and data storage to ensure essential and private information is protected in accordance with regulatory requirements.

After the emergency


CAREQ provides comprehensive tracking/logging of ALL messages, both inbound and outbound. Administrators will know WHO did/ didn’t receive messages, WHEN they received messages, the DATE/TIME of their reply, as well as their qualifications. This information is readily available for access for management review and regulatory reporting, both during and after an emergency.


Each message sent through the CAREQ system is time and date stamped, providing administrators with key information about how quickly the emergency plan was executed.

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